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Retail Softwares

Retail Softwares


  • Batch/MRP wise Barcode
  • Multiple Barcode in single item
  • Composite Barcode
  • Automatic Manual Barcode
  • Generate MRP/Weight from Barcode


  • Mobile No. wise billing
  • Multi mode payment system like Cash/CC/CV
  • Cashier Management
  • Touch Screen
  • Fast Billing : Quick Entry & Report System

LOYALTY Management

  • Customer Wise Point
  • Quality/Value Wise Point System
  • Ledger Wise Point Generated
  • Touch Screen
  • Fast Billing : Quick Entry & Report System


  • Date Wise & Quantity Scheme
  • Scheme on selected items
  • Group wise discount & Scheme
  • Value wise discount & Scheme
  • Festival Scheme & Offer Management

Distribution Softwares

Distribution Softwares

Business Generate

  • Push Sales
  • Focus Item
  • Expiry & Dump Stock
  • Suggested items During Billing
  • Stock Clearance Stock
  • Focused Items

Auto Driven Price & Discount

  • Party/Company/Category/Series/ Area wise price list
  • Date & quantity wise scheme/price list
  • Party/Company/Category/Series/ Area wise Discount
  • Bundle Scheme System
  • Cap limit of discount & Scheme (Minimum / Maximum)

Collaborative Commerce

  • Invoices get imported autometically for the sale bill generated by the supplier
  • Quality/Value Wise Point System GSTIN No. & on E Code basis
  • Saves time of both supplier and retailer
  • No need/requirement manual entry of sales and purchase

Credit Management

  • Primary Credit Limit/Days/Bills
  • Secondary Credit Limit/Days/Bills
  • Series Wise Credit Limit/Days/Bills
  • Live Credit Limit's
  • Auto Driven Credit Limit Management System

Manufacturing Softwares

Manufacturing Softwares


  • Requirement raw stock & packing
  • Current raw stock & packing
  • Current raw stock & packing


  • Multi Level Testing
  • Raw Material Testing
  • Finish Material Testing


  • Bulk - record of analysis
  • Bulk - certificate of analysis
  • Finish - record of analysis
  • Raw/packing record of analysis
  • Raw/packing certificate of analysis


  • Issue Slip, Cover Slip
  • Cleaning Certificate
  • Batch Process Sheet
  • Specimen of printed packing material
  • Packing material reconciliation record

ERP Corporate Solution

ERP Corporate Solution


  • Batch/MRP wise Barcode
  • Multiple Barcode in single item
  • Composite Barcode
  • Automatic Manual Barcode
  • Generate MRP/Weight from Barcode


  • Batch/MRP wise Barcode
  • Multiple Barcode in single item
  • Composite Barcode
  • Automatic Manual Barcode
  • Generate MRP/Weight from Barcode

Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation

Online Field Force Reporting

Planning for Sales Activities is an integral part of Sales Force Automation as it also provides facility to compare plan against corporate strategy Or budget to make effective planning.


  • Daily Call Report
  • Attendance Report
  • Auto Expense Generate
  • Sales Summary


  • Stock & Sales Management
  • Gift & Samples Management
  • Product Sales Management
  • Mailing and Messaging


  • User Daily Activity Report
  • Product Order Booking
  • Working Activity Dashboard
  • Daily Updates & Notification


  • Party Wise Business Analysis
  • User Wise Business Analysis
  • State Wise Business Analysis

Our blend of experience

Our Scientists on Your Data

If you have enough data, we have the required tools and these two put together we have got better insights for you. Insights that will help you run your business more efficiently, roll out services that would have most impact, reach out and connect with right audience and grow smartly.

Live Credit Limit Management

In A3 Soft-S Software, there is a very beneficial option "Live Credit Limit's". With the help of this Credit Limit Management option, the users can set the credit limit for their customers.

Strike High Sale Management

The Push Sale feature perceives Focused, Dump and Near Expiry Items and aides in controlling the dump and Near Expiry items along with doing sale of the dump and near expiry items.

Bill Audit Dispatch Management

Bill Audit feature leaves no room
for mistakes & errors
throughout the process from bill
generation to delivery.

Notifications & Alert System

Notification and Alert System allows getting instant custom alerts through e-mail or SMS. The system allows to keep the team/ business updated about inventory and transactions.

Collaborative Commerce

Collaborative commerce is the most recent a platform wherein user can upload and download their invoices and all the mismatch conditions are totally eradicated through this system.

Stock Clearance Management

iSOFT ERP Software has developed an option "Stock Clearance" through which the user can set some items which are required to be sold out as soon as possible from the stock.

Offer & Scheme Management

iSOFT ERP is integrated with some brilliant business boosters like sms integration, email facilities

Purchase & Sale Claim

iSOFT ERP has developed a new feature "Claims & Statements". With the help of this beneficial feature, the user can keep the track of the benefits of the claim against the purchases which is being done.