Software Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Process

With an objective of having a consistent framework for executing and delivering projects, A3 Softwares is equipped with a holistic quality management system which is a fine combination of tools, team and processes. Our processes have a proven track record of delivering qualitative technology solutions to our clients.

A3 Softwares's expertise lies in combining right execution methodology with a right business model to empower our customers in leveraging cost-efficient and high quality Technology Solutions and Offshore Development Services. Our processes help us to deliver exceptional quality and services that are in time and within budgets.

Software Development Methodologies

A3 Softwares's development team adopts project methodology based on project type and clients requirements.

We collaborate closely with our clients to identify the best suited approach for the project.

Software Quality Assurance & Testing

  • Waterfall and Iterative development cycles
  • Prototyping model
  • RUP and use case modeling
  • Rapid Application Development

Software Development Life Cycle

Salient Features of Process Management at A3 Softwares
  • Well defined Quality Management System.
  • Continual Process Improvement by SQA and SEPG (Software Engineering Process Group).
  • Flexible and Tailorable Processes to meet unique client needs.
  • Experience working with different methodologies.
  • Exposure to different tools in design, testing, project management and configuration control that complement our processes.
  • Process focus on collaboration, structured team building and rigorous quality checks.
  • Well defined testing and review processes.
  • Process Focus on collaboration, structured team formation, establishment of communication channels, structured reviews and defect prevention.